Preventative Dentistry in West Perth, WA

Dr Kinsella and his team know that your smile plays an integral role in how you communicate with the world. Having a beautiful smile helps you feel confident. The key to having a healthy smile is having regular dental cleans and check-ups, which is why we focus on preventive care.

What Happens During My Clean and Check-Up?

There are a few important things that take place during your clean and check-up appointment. First, your hygienist gently removes the plaque build-up from your teeth that causes problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Your hygienist can access plaque and calculus build-up from your teeth that cause problems like tooth decay.

Next, your dentist in West Perth will thoroughly examine your teeth to look for any concerns with tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease. When he detects decay early, and you are proactive about treating it, it is easier to restore your tooth with procedures that don’t cost as much and are less invasive in most cases.

Preventive Dental Care and Your Overall Health

Dr Kinsella is committed to helping our patients protect not only their dental health but also their overall well-being. Science has shown us a direct connection with the bacteria that causes gum disease and that which causes other health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and complications during pregnancy.

By taking good care of your dental health, it means that you are also protecting your overall health and well-being. Regular teeth cleans and check-ups every six months will protect you from the problems associated with gum disease because Dr Kinsella screens you for it during every examination. Early detection is the key to successfully managing gum disease and sometimes even reversing before any damage to your smile occurs.

You Can Do Your Part at Home

Following a daily routine of brushing your teeth twice and flossing once is the best way to do your part at home to protect your smile. Using proper brushing techniques to ensure that you're removing plaque build-up from your teeth will help to guard your smile. You might also talk with Dr Kinsella about switching to an electric toothbrush to help you do some of the hard work of brushing your teeth.

You may want to consult with your dental team about adding products to your home care routine like an antibacterial mouth rinse that will help you reduce bacteria in your mouth and also freshen your breath.

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Healthy Smile

At Dr Matthew Kinsella General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we want to partner with you to help you maintain excellent dental health and overall health. We welcome your call to our dental surgery in West Perth to arrange a booking.